Apple Shooting

Apple Shooting 3.5

How good is your archer's aim?


  • Graphics are simple but amusing
  • Instructions included with app


  • Game is repetitive
  • Controls are a little clunky

Not bad

Apple Shooting is a game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you step into the shoes of an archer and see how great your aim really is.

The object of the Apple Shooting is simple: shoot an apple off of a man's head and move on to the next level if you're successful. Move the bow and arrow up and down with your finger. By moving your finger away from the Apple Shooting shooter, you can adjust the length of your shot. This might seem a little counter-intuitive since an actual bow and arrow needs to be pulled back behind your body to shoot farther out.

Apple Shooting's graphics are pretty simple, but also kind of amusing. This is especially true if you accidentally shoot the man instead of the apple on top of his head. Apple Shooting is not violent at all, making it a game safe to let younger children play. When you advance to the next level, the man also dances a little.

Apple Shooting comes with simple directions that aren't really all that helpful. Trial and error will having you mastering Apple Shooting more than actually reading the directions. The instructions also boast challenging levels that become increasingly difficult the higher you go.

Unfortunately, during tests it seemed as though almost every level was the same as the last. Apple Shooter is definitely a fun game to mess around with for a couple of minutes, but in the long term, it's probably not one most people will return to like they might with other aim games such as Angry Birds.

Apple Shooting is a fun aim and win game for your mobile device, but a bit repetitive overall.

Apple Shooting


Apple Shooting 3.5

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